Think a few steps in advance. Come to the Startup Incubator and let's win together.

What makes a start-up great is having a good startegy – just like in chess. Of course, you are fully capable of building your own business. Otherwise you wouldn’t be a founder. But with the advice from experienced mentors and the help from us, the development of your company is simply 10x faster, many mistakes are not made and we open the doors for you that would otherwise remain closed. You always have someone to count on!

We will do great with each other if you have an early stage technology startup, a great team and you have already progressed from an idea level to an MVP or a prototype. To apply, your company must be registered in Estonia. Let’s pick up the pace together!

We have a very clear motivation to help you succeed – all our services are free of monthly fees, we only take 2% participation option. So if you succeed, we succeed with you!

2021 application rounds have ended – find us again in 2022!

Join the program

    Join the program!

    Narva Startup HUB is the best place to start your startup.

    Startups with fierce ideas and great willpower do not only operate in Tallinn and Harju County. We give impetus to Ida-Virumaa technology start-ups with a pleasant workspace, practical events and trainings, and a soon-to-be-launched growth program.

    We are waiting for you if you have a starting technology startup, a great team and you have already progressed from an idea level to an MVP or a prototype. Then let’s add speed together!

    We have a very clear motivation to help you succeed, because we offer you all services without a monthly fee – only 2% participation option.

    Join the program and take a risk together!

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    • Why apply?
    • Who should join?

    Startup Incubator offers you:


    • Collaborate with a personal and experienced key mentor who has advised hundreds of startups and helps you avoid mistakes and find an escalating business model.
    • Help from the start to marketing, from the top specialists in the field
    • A 6-part meaningful training program run by experienced practitioners in their field.
    • We will also put you in touch with the companies in our client base so that you can make the first big deal.
    • A community of cool startups and investors.
    • Jobs in Tehnopol’s modern open office.
    • Opportunity to participate in international training and development programs.
    • Free cloud credit and other necessary systems from our partners.

    Once you complete the growth program:

    • you have achieved an escalating business model
    • you have successfully brought your product or service to market and increased sales
    • you have a well-functioning marketing and communication plan
    • you are ready to raise funds or have already done so
    • you have an active network with valuable contacts
    • you belong to the successful Tehnopol Startup Incubator Alumni Club and you have many discounts only for our portfolio.

    To join the program, you must have:

    • An escalating technological business idea
    • A motivated team with the necessary skills
    • An MVP or prototype to be further developed
    • The ambition and will to work to truly conquer the world

    Join the program

      Join the program!

      Joining the programme is worth it even just because of the team, which consists of all kinds of professional mentors and very capable organizers from the Tehnopol team.

      Ivar Siimar

      The Startup Incubator gives access to the best mentors and investors. It is possible to discover and achieve everything on your own, but through mentors and their network it saves time and achieves results many times faster.

      Ivo Remmelg

      We support the growth of companies in every possible way. The work must be done by the entrepreneur himself, but good advice on how to do this work more effectively can be obtained from Tehnopol's mentors.

      Riivo Anton


      of graduates recommend it to others (based on our feedback survey)


      experienced business mentors, from whom we choose the necessary impact group for the growth of your startup, and who are ready to help you at any time


      training, investor meetings, sales, presentations and community events per year

      30K €

      worth of credit and offers from our partners


      event visitors every year, plenty of opportunities to find new team members or customers.


      companies that have passed through the growth program. We are proud of them and welcome them to our alumni program.

      23M €

      raised by startups with our help. We know which investors are ready to invest in your field and what they expect from you. We will help you to be really ready to attract an investment.

      Program schedule

      Beginning of application period

      09. AUGUST

      09. SEPTEMBER

      Deadline for applications

      Kick-off seminar of the programme



      Courses, events and cooperation with mentors

      End of the program


      Possibility to extend the program for another 3-6 months


      1. month

      Business model and team

      The course covers how to create an escalating business model to reach the target markets and build successful teams


      2. month

      Product development and service design

      The course talks about how to develop user-friendly products and services that are based on people's expectations


      3. month

      Legal matters

      The course provides advice on how to make agreements between the founders, what are the most burning issues in the field of IP and how to prepare an investor package


      4. month


      The course helps founders build a successful business plan for a fast-growing business, which would also help become attractive for investors


      5. month

      Marketing and sales

      The course talks about how to reach the right target group with a small budget and how to build successful go-to-market strategies


      6. month

      Pitching & investor deck

      The course provides advice on how to give the perfect pitch and what is the ideal investor pitch deck