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20. October 2018

Startup Academy #2: It all starts with one-sentence pitch

Startup Academy‘s second workshop was held in the middle of October when Daniel Paz gave our young and upcoming startups a sales and business development focused workshop. Next to that, startups met Paz over 1-1 office hours to get personal feedback to their team and sales strategy.   Overall, Paz was positively surprised of the

24. September 2018

Dominik Meyer: “every effort you make in the “digital world” impacts your brand!”

Tehnopol’s Startup Academy has successfully selected 20 startups to the programme. Solving a variety of problems in the modern society, the selected startups present a good cross-section of Estonia’s future unicorns. One thing sure, they are now one step closer in achieving the future. Next to that, we at Tehnopol have a gut feeling that

10. August 2018

Startup Academy #1: Growth Hacking

You can quite certainly call your app or platform successful once people start to associate a certain action with it. However, for many companies, building a product such as most used search platform takes time – years – and most startups don’t have that time in their hands. Smart tricks and hacks are crucial for

01. August 2018

Next Estonian unicorn comes from Startup Academy! ✌️

As startupping is a form of art where success derives from a series of failures, it is difficult to teach it to anyone. But other’s experience and knowledge might lead you to the right direction, thus we have decided to launch Startup Academy at Tehnopol. This is a new type of academy, where masterclass-like workshops