Monthly Archives: October 2019

21. October 2019

Nordic health care technology startup takes Europe by storm

Tehnopol Startup Incubator alumni and Connected Health cluster member Triumf Health ranked highly these past few weeks in European sponsored Horizon 2020 programs. Horizon 2020 is the EU’s largest Research and Innovation program and has been allocated close to €80 billion of funding over a 7 year period (2014-2020). Among various events, it co-sponsors the

18. October 2019

Argo Kubja: storytelling needs to create emotional responses and establish meaningful connections

Marketing is no longer just a product or service that you sell. Instead, it seems like it’s about the story that comes with this product that is becoming an increasingly popular selling article because it helps to engage the partners and customers. But how do you tell the story without turning it into a fairy

03. October 2019

Apply to Prototron program before 15 October!

Equity-free fund Prototron gives up to 35 000€ for building prototypes of gadgets and inventions that would make our daily lives better. The aim of Prototron is to encourage smart and entrepreneurial-minded individuals through a cash injection for carrying out their ideas, turning them into tangible prototypes and into a major business. Ideas submitted by 15 October

03. October 2019

Apply for Financing from the Nordic Angel Program by EstBAN

Do you want to become the next best Estonian Startup for 2019?APPLY HERE! There’s a great opportunity to get up to €250K of investment from the Nordic Angel Program (NAP) syndication by EstBAN. All promising startups with up to €3M pre-money valuation and connection to Estonia can apply by October 14th in order to: Receive an investment