AI accelerator

AI accelerator supports the development of ideas based on artificial intelligence!

The application round for the AI accelerator has closed. If you’re interested in the next round, please drop your details in the form below. We’ll reach out to you as we gear up for the next round!

Tehnopol Startup Incubator’s AI accelerator assists in introducing new and robust technology companies based on artificial intelligence to the market.

A specialist training series focused on AI together with mentors and experts who are among the best in the business will help participants complete the development cycle, and the mentors will work each week with the teams. See the mentors at The teams participating in the AI accelerator can also use the co-working space in Science and Business Park Tehnopol.

AI accelerator is open to startup companies and spin-off teams from established companies registered in Estonia and to teams of researchers and students whose ideas and solutions use artificial intelligence.

The accelerator is free of monthly fees and we don’t take any participation options. You only need to have an escalating technological AI-based business idea, an existing prototype or the ability to create one during the accelerator and a motivated team with the necessary skills.

10 teams will be accepted into the new round of the AI ​​accelerator and each team will receive 10,000€ to develop their idea.

In case of questions contact Kristiina Libe, Deep Tech project manager (


AI accelerator helps:

  • AI technology companies to grow strong under the guidance of experienced mentors using a training programme
  • Bring together participants in the artificial intelligence ecosystem and experts
  • Ideas based on AI reach the pilot phase faster and with less testing
  • Make valuable contacts who can help bring in additional investments

We expect from you:

  • An escalating technological AI-based business idea
  • A motivated team with the necessary skills
  • The ambition and will to work to truly conquer the world

*It would be good to have an agreement to pilot the idea with at least one potential client or partner.

AI accelerator development cycles:

  • Defining the problems of clients and designing the value proposition
  • Putting together a business model and a strong team
  • Creating product development and prototypes based on AI technology
  • Protecting intellectual property and agreements about it with other parties
  • Being ready for investors and finding sources of funding
  • Validating client cases, piloting, and setting a strategy for market entry

AI accelerator
6 months

DEADLINE March 5th








The AI accelerator is part of Tehnopol AI Development Programme, designed to help Estonian businesses introduce artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, making them more competitive and keeping the Estonian economy sustainably successful in the future. We do this by launching and funding pilot projects based on AI, organising development marathons, running an accelerator with a six-month development cycle, and sharing all of the knowledge gained during the programme with other businesses.

The AI Development Programme has been created jointly with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to introduce artificial intelligence technologies into Estonia.

Find out more about the whole AI Development Programme at

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