05. November 2020

Kicking-off our activities: workshops engage future scale-ups

Unmute the sound and get ready for the drumroll – the latest updates of the intensive autumn season for the Scale-up Champions Consortium! Our deep tech community is growing and engaging future scale-ups. The Scale-up Champions has recently launched an online incubation program for deep tech startups and Investment Readiness programme for those eager to e-meet international investors and entrepreneurship experts. In addition, the corporate-startup collaboration has unlocked a new level – we are matching the applied startups with corporates’ challenges. Let’s take a closer look and spot the major achievements that help us to fight the pandemic blues:

Incubation via business workshops and consultation sessions. The pan-European Online Incubation Program has been launched in September and engaged 22 of the most promising deep tech startups. Some of them aims to disrupt and change the healthtech sector, suggesting personalized, AI-based gadgets for health monitoring, fighting diseases or improving the cancer treatment routine. The startups have already met with export and business development experts in online workshops and design their way to expand the market in Denmark, Poland, Spain, Estonia and Lithuania. Yep, no physical traveling, but intensive and professional export and growth opportunities via online activities! The program connects the startups with their desired local tech hubs offering comprehensive coaching, mentoring, and training curriculum to help young companies to create a solid business model in foreign markets.

Excited for networking with Venture Capitalists and Business Angels. After finalising the recruitment and startups evaluation process, the Investment Readiness Program coordinators have chosen 29 startups to engage into a set of training activities and networking events to increase the fundraising capacity. The startups are ready to accelerate their growth with the help of business mentors and couches as well – in this case, the experts provide legal advice, financial plans and even detailed schemes of converting venture capital into a startup fuel. As it comes to the deep tech community, more than 60 VCs funds and Business Angels have joined the Scale-up Champions Program and will participate at the Demo Days with well selected, and chosen by them startups!

Collaboration to achieve the technological progress for corporates. Those who take a step ahead in their industry, never miss a chance of incorporating tech novelties to make their businesses shine even more. 20+ Innovation-open European corporates have joined the Scale-up Champions deep tech community and provided more than 50 challenges to work with startups. Such giants as Volkswagen Poznań, Schneider Electric and PKO Bank Polski look forward to innovate together with ambitious teams. The Startup Corporate Collaboration Program call for startups has ended with the start of November. Currently, the Scale-up Champions consortium selects the applicants and finds the best matches for corporates’ challenges.

So that’s who we are, having an intensive e-activities for startups – with real people, enthusiastic teams and growing deep-tech community. Track us in social media by the “#ScaleupChampions” and find the latest news!

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